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private house in filottrano countryside restoration, 2016 private house in filottrano restoration, 2014 siconté superstore, san severino marche 2012 restoration of ghislieri scalamonti mansion, jesi 2011 (pending) villa tower of montedago, restoration, ancona 2013 conversion of legato-filati mansion into 27 apartments for the elderly, macerata 2006-2013 new building for offices and shops in the torraccia area, pesaro 2011-2013 restoration of saint ignazio church, lighting and new sacred furniture, filottrano 2012 new commercial building, jesi 2012 (pending) edmondo pigini center, osimo 2010 eurospin supermarket, pesaro 2010 pharmacy and doctor’s surgeries, jesi 2009 stefanini square, pesaro 2008 multiplex cinemas and shops, pesaro 2008 private house for a business consultant, macerata 2008 bb house, jesi 2007 - details conversion of former factory into new offices, ancona 2007 general plan for offices and shops in the torraccia area, pesaro 2006 restoration of convent s. francesco for library, historical archive and civic museum, filottrano 2005-2013 (pending) new factory, san severino marche 2005-2013 (under construction) private house for the plumber’s son, filottrano 2004 private weekend house for an engineer who lives in rome, filottrano 2004 residential buildings in san lorenzo, filottrano 2004 new building with 18 apartments, filottrano 2004 the chemist's house, taurianova 2003 private house for my schoolfriend and her family, fabriano 2003 street furniture, filottrano 2003 restoration of aristocratic mansion accorretti, filottrano 2003 restoration of liberty private house, ancona 2002 restyling of teatro torquis, filottrano 2002 bus terminal, macerata 2002 small apartment in palazzo perozzi, filottrano 2001 private country house, offagna 2000 restoration of public space 'le logge', filottrano 1999 restoration of ojetti mansion, santa marinella 1998 restoration of a private house for two married chemists, san marcello 1998 lighting show-room for ‘duea’, macerata 1998 town general plan, tropea 1997 the chemist's house, filottrano 1997 restyling of a house from 1960, filottrano 1997 restoration of an eighteenth century building, filottrano 1994 business center, cerveteri 1994 private house for two young married couples, filottrano 1995 mazzini square, street furniture, filottrano 1994 house for six families, filottrano 1996 social housing for le piagge area, 181 apartments, firenze 1993 multi-storey parking, prato 1993 street furniture, public walk, filottrano 1993 restyling of private country house, filottrano 1993-1995 social housing for badia a settimo area, 176 apartments, scandicci 1989-1993 enlargement of peretola air terminal, firenze 1989-1993
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